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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

Be Different

1 min read

Why do what everyone else does? This is especially true when people complain about what they're doing, and who doesn't complain about rush hour and commuting?

What a fun solution!

A Slow Boat from China

1 min read

Way back in August (2016) I ordered something over the internet. In October when it hadn't arrived I contacted the seller and ended up with a refund. Guess what arrived yesterday (the last day of June)? ūüė≤

Technology Changes Behaviour

1 min read

Amusing look at how technology is changing our behaviour. We call it social, but in many cases we're becoming anti-social in our pursuit of social (or perhaps just more nihilistic). Yes I do use Strava, no I'm not a Stravasshole!

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An Engaged Employee

1 min read

The kind of workman who gives the business the best that is in him is the best kind of workman a business can have. And he cannot be redirected to do this indefinitely without proper recognition - Henry Ford 1922

Do I recognise what somebodies best looks like? Or am I more concerned with how it compares to what my best looks like? Recognition and acknowledgement can be the most powerfully motivating tools a manager has. 

Parenting Advice

2 min read

This a rehashing of something I posted a while ago. What I heard wasn't directed at parents, but as I listed it seemed to apply to parenting more than anything else in my life! The truth of the matter is I struggle with parenting. Most of the time it feels like I'm not doing a great job and we aren't going to end up where I want to be (3 generous, accepting, and intelligent young men released into the wild)!

The story was lessons from Joshua and Jericho (read it here). If you're not aware of it the basic story goes that an army marched around a city silently once a day for 7 days. The first 6 days nothing happened, but on the 7th they blast their trumpets and the walls fall down. 

There were 3 points that were pulled out of it and each of them is so reflective of how I feel about parenting:

  1. You don't see any progress - In fact you're just walking around in circles (almost literally) without anything changing. How is what we have today any different to 3 or 5 years ago?
  2. You can't see the end result - Right now I can't picture how what I have in a 13 year old is going to become that generous, accepting, intelligent young man he could be!
  3. It is neverending! - Well maybe not neverending, but the process is completely open ended.

Maybe I'm only in the 3rd or 4th day of the 7 days of marching. But I'm exhausted, feel like nothing is progressing, and aren't sure how to get from here to that end goal. 

Musical Humour

1 min read

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7 Day Stage Race

1 min read

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Maybe ... 

Being an Adult

1 min read

I saw the trailer for a movie and was struck by a line in it. It really captures how I feel, and have viewed things for at least 20 years now. Rather than try and quote it, I'll twist it to match myself:

I feel like I'm a kid pretending to be an adult most of the time

The truth is I don't really feel like an adult. I still feel like I did when I was 18 and honestly I don't want to "grow up!" 

Disconnected Still

1 min read

I'm enjoying not having connectivity until I need to look something up. Not the, oh I wonder kind of distractions. More the, is this place open OR is that a good price type of lookups. What surprises me most is how much time I notice others spending looking at their devices. They stagger along slowly engrossed in their small screen, teleported to another plaplace.


That is good at times but it really takes you or if the moment and sometimes means you miss a moment. How do we judge when we should be present in a moment and when it is OK to disappear into a small screen world elsewhere?


1 min read

Great track, great instrument, great performance, MAGIC!

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