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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

You don't need a lot of friends, just a handful of exceptional ones. I do 👌🏼

People are surprising. Some at the capability to not to the right thing, and others because they do far more than the right thing and have an incredible attitude when doing it.

How much of our life story doesn't eventuate because we don't see things through, or stay put during difficult times?

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Starting to plan a two month family holiday to Hong Kong, England, Europe and LA (theme parks). Trying to work out how to ensure the boys understand and appreciate the enormous investment this is .Hopeful that they will widen their works view, broaden their perspective, and become more accepting and gracious after experiencing a little of how different the world and people are.

What is it about image that we (perhaps just me) so carefully craft it? Whatever the personality we want to portrait, we consider every little detail. When I ride my bike I'm rarely wear lycra because I don't want to be considered a roadie. The bike I ride says, "I belong on dirt tracks, miles from home" and I like that. I want people to see an adventurous person.

Then when I'm working I want something completely different! I've never considered how carefully I control how I look but am increasingly aware of how even the fact I don't usually put cases on my phone concerts a subtle message!

All of this self-reflection came after this morning someone commented at breakfast (I'm away at a conference) that I didn't look as sharp as normal. This was because the event is finished and today we're packing up to leave. That meant I slept in and didn't bother showing or combing my hair before wandering for breakfast. The image I guess I was trying to convey, I don't really care how I look!

If we were able to see ourselves as others do, through their eyes, it would likely be alarming. No doubt we would see faults amplified 100 times. But I hope our value might also be highlighted a little too ourselves.

Many people in my life area able to speak into what I do, shape me, and form my opinions. Yet I don't tell them because society suggests this isn't how we live.

I both want to know what people see in me but am too fragile too consider listening.

Mostly people are convinced the life they live and the path they are taking is right and it is good that most live with conviction. However, we interact with others in a combative manner instead of with an openness. We acknowledge that others taste is different and subjective, yet we fail to respect the different values, culture, and experience that has informed others choices.

Why, when Christians talk about God being love, are their actions so often unloving?

Busyness for me is a symptom of wanting too much in love. I want adventure, family, music and success at work (in no particular order). Plus I like time alone 😆