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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

Really enjoying creating a podcast for my sons each week. Rediscovering music is an incredible journey as it transports me back to the age I was when I was listening to it first. The same feelings, opinionso and emotions bubble back up and it becomes clear how little we comprehend without the experience of life!

Probably need to spend a little more time refining it into a clear, flowing, conversation, but have taken the view doing something is better than nothing! Maybe over time they will improve...

Listen to this episode of my podcast, My 3 Sons, ep10, Gotta Be Strong

Feedback is incredibly important, both constructive criticism and positive reinforcement. We are quick and frequent with what we consider constructive criticism which would be acceptable if we weren't so slow and stingy with the positive messages.

All too often we have a phone in our hand while we're trying to do other things and end up distracted from both activities! Is it that were easily, and constantly distracted? Or are we incapable of self-managing?

We make time for things and people we love.

It is alarming how much of America is disposable, plastic, and packaged. Single servings carefully sealed in plastic containers. Plates and cutlery that are disposable. Even in the hotel the cups in my room are throwaway. Worse, the creamer us wrapped in plastic with single serve sugar sachets that I don't use and am told can't be used by the next guest!

We quickly project how we would feel in a situation onto others without considering their personality, story, and ambition.

It is tough being an introvert in a world that seems very extroverted.

Our lives are constantly telling our kids what is important, what they should value, and how to live their lives. I'm hopeful that what I talk to them about is consistent with my actions.

It is interesting realising just how complicated life and humans are. I'm only really discovering this as I record a podcast for my 3 sons, called, My 3 Sons! We are emotional, complex, and irrational, yet that is also considered normal! The other surprising aspect of the podcast is that I've picked up a few listeners without really publicising it! I suppose this could be considered publicising it, but I have this simply to get things out of my head! I know I could do something more private, but I'm a techy-gadgety-geeky kind of person (as well as emotional and irrational)!

I'm up to episode 6 with my fake counting because I did an episode 0 to explain myself (yes I know I named episode 5 incorrectly, that was because I fooled my counting with that episode 0)! Listen to "ep06, Lies I Believed" by My 3 Sons ⚓

When I travel there are a few tech items I always take. The first thing I pack is my super comfortable, noise cancelling headphones. They make flights a little less disruptive and aid sleeping on the plane (something fairly difficult for me).

The second thing I pack is a Bluetooth speaker. I have a small, but good quality unit with good battery life. This lets me have music or podcasts playing without needing to wear headphones both in the office or in the hotel room. Related to this I always ensure I have hours of podcasts and music available offline!

I also always have a tablet in addition to my laptop. This allows me to read more easily than from my phone and more comfortably than on my laptop. It also gives me the option of watching YouTube videos (I've yet to subscribe to Netflix). Thinking about that, it would be great if hotels put a Chromecast on their TVs do I could watch on a larger screen. I do this a lot when at home.

I also toss an external battery end memory sticks in the pocket of my bag. Mostly there don't get used but it is frustrating when they would be helpful but I don't have them.

Lastly, I often take a second phone with me. This depends on how long I'll be visiting somewhere but is often a money saver. Getting a local prepay SIM can be a lot more cost effective than having to pay the roaming charges on my normal mobile phone. It also means I have a local number which is helpful if I'm visiting people and need to be in touch. Of course increasingly digital and messaging apps like WhatsApp eliminate this need.