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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

In my experience and anecdotal research, there are 2 types of airplane travelers. There is me. I'm quiet, polite, and pretty much keep to myself. I'll pick things up if you drop something, pass you your bag if needed, but generally mind my own business. Then there is the talker. They don't keep to themselves or mind their own business. They tell you all about the film you're watching, where they've traveled from (and to), what they do and all about their family and friends. I am definitely not one of those travelers.

The great thing about smartphones (and computers in general) is the choices you get. Not just hardware (Galaxy v iPhone), but software and not just an operating system (Android v iOS v Windows). I can use any one of dozens of different browsers for web access. This is great BUT it is also a huge problem. These differences cause inconsistency which makes it really difficult for people. How do people who don't work in tech cope? Do they simply use whatever is on the phone or friends convince them to use? It just seems too difficult!!

A smartphone can be a great thing and simultaneously terrible. When it connects you it steals the present moment. While it can calm by keeping you updated it can cause stress because you're not able to focus on what needs your attention. Mostly we are in control of whether you're phone is good or evil, but it can flip very easily so be careful!

Doing things that are nostalgic can be a really fun way to spend a day especially when you're in a place you don't visit often.

How many features and how much of the power your smartphone had do you use? I think they've become like cars and express our personality and worldview (or perhaps our ego) more than anything else.

If we didn't need to work to survive how many of us would live full and interesting lives compared to those who would sit in front of a screen and eat all day? I would definitely choose adventure both near and far.

If you complain when something isn't done, then complain about how it has been done, any and everything you say will be ignored! Constructive feedback is welcome, necessary to ensure improvement, but whining about everything will ensure your voice isn't listened to.

I find some colleagues very frustrating and difficult to work with. This amuses me because I'm sure they find me awkward and challenging to work with also!

For all the promise and efficiency ICT systems can deliver, often we realise little as we're too apprehensive about the impact of change.