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I regularly wonder how people interpret what I say and how I act. While I know what I mean and what my intentions are, often it is obvious people misinterpret what I'm meaning to portray.

Others seem oblivious to his they're portraying themselves or simply don't care. I suppose I might be misinterpreting how they're acting and taking....

"You speak in signs and wonders, but I need something other, I would believe if I was able, but I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table" U2. God I hope I don't "deny for others what I demand for myself" U2.

What I would like is for my kids to admire people who make a positive difference in the world are achieve something previously thought impossible. Celebrity often elevates people or things that are self-serving and/or inane. Rather than have them look at this is rather they look to the Edmond Hillary's, the Fred Hollows, the Kate Shepherd's and aspire to contribute to making the works better for everyone.

New bike is the Kona Rove 😬 After a couple of rides of say that it is exactly like the marketing slogan that got me seriously considering it, "a road bike for mountain bikers." It is faster on the road than my mountain bike and faster off road than the gravel bike I previously owned ever was!

It is doubtful for the Salsa Journeyman now ... I had a chance encounter with the Kona Rove at a bike shop I passed by (I'm not on town) and saw this Significantly better specifications and it looks like the business. Plus it is tagged as a road bike for mountain bikers and we all know advertising lines are 100% truth 🙄

I know I've written about this before, but why do some brands speak to us? What is it about some brands that evoke deeply emotional and possibly irrational responses? I see this on how some approach Apple devices and BME vehicles. I think I'm the same about salsa bikes. There is something about them that calls to me. Maybe it is how they are all about adventure and long distances. Or perhaps it is that so many people who ride the Tour Divide do it on a Salsa. Whatever it is, I think I'm going to buy a Salsa Journeyman. If it is as good as it appears on could even be what I use for the Tour Aoteatoa. Right now, I'm even thinking I'll create a video about it!

I don't think that I'm particularly organised but am astounded at just how many people don't utilise the 11th hour or last minute to prepare. Rather they fumble through things deflecting much onto others who haven't been given the opportunity to prepare themselves.

A little organisation goes a long way towards success and you can do it all from the device in your pocket that usually distracts you from focusing on what is important.

We can only improve of we get a glimpse of what better looks like and understand what steps we can take towards that.

Much of life is intuitive and easy to figure out. However, we all benefit from having the obvious pointed out to us from time to time so we are reminded how things work!

If you think that attending church will get you into heaven you're 100% wrong. If you think not attending church excludes you from heaven you're 100% wrong. Sometimes it is good to be wrong!