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Success has many father's, but failure is an orphan

What is about escalators that makes people stand still? I almost always treat them like a staircase and keep walking or (like London taught me), stand on one side so people can walk past me.

We refer to the every corner of the earth when there are no corners and wherever you are is actually the centre!

Why are some friendships so instant and lasting? Why do some people leave such deep connections that transcend time apart?

How is it possible that London is so depressingly bleak yet oozing excitement at the same time?

Pedestrians walk to slow for me, they always have. Now with smartphones they're even slower 😔

I love how we all rhetorical questions! Like when you're in a plane and see someone you know and all where they're going 😆 I get that we know that is where the plane well go, but why are we so lazy or perhaps clumsy in how we phrase questions?

I'm not particularly fond of Facebook. It isn't that it has no value, rather that it seems to suck so much time out of people's lives and keep us away from living life (yes yes, total generalisation). What I do like is how needy Facebook gets off you haven't visited for a while. You get emails and all sorts of shoulder taps to try and entice you back. Sorry, I've been busy living life and spending time with friends 😁

A Slow Boat from China

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Way back in August (2016) I ordered something over the internet. In October when it hadn't arrived I contacted the seller and ended up with a refund. Guess what arrived yesterday (the last day of June)? 😲

Why do we simply roll with life and not try to create a life we would love? It seems to me as though we settle for what there is without even considering what might be possible...