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Nostalgia exerts an inordinate amount of influence on the decisions we make. Whenever I visit America I love going to Denny's. It isn't great, but I enjoy going because we frequented the place when on a family trip when I was 12! Chipotle on the other hand, is an adult addiction I discovered through podcasts ...

Culture informs so much of our everyday behaviour and how we do business. It also blinds us to how different the reality of others is and how much we could learn about how to act (or not act as the case may be).

11 consecutive days on the bike and I give up today in the face of strong gale winds.

All too often we talk at change on a grand scale but stubbornly keep the minute detail of how we operate unchanged. Frequently tiny adjustments cause massive change (positive and negative)!

What stops your phone from being your computer? It probably is already your primary device...

As I get older the weeks seem to roll by more quickly. The danger of this is that I don't actively live each day and instead get caught in the routine of each day. Great lives are lived when we chase our dreams and push beyond 'normal' life each day.

Every site wants me to register and give them loads of my private information when there isn't much need. Why can't they work without needing a login? I'd even pay a nominal fee to prevent creating an account and to be assured my information is deleted!

I know that we are social creatures, it is just I don't need much interaction, and one person a day is quite enough for me!

What makes so many people quick to talk about change so positively but so slow to make any changes ourselves?

Faster alone, further together ... Moving together can be challenging and slow. But ultimately you make more progress (especially in larger organisations) because there are less obstacles longterm you need to overcome. Actually, there aren't less problems, it is just you deal with them earlier and before you can be de-railed!