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Self awareness and compassion are life skills that you should constantly refine.

Three things i don't like about hotels; The lights are terrible if you actually want anything other than dim, mood lighting. They make the beds incredibly tight so that you have to yank hard to get the sheets out so you can sleep (oh and why do many pillows on the bed?)! Finally, for today, I really don't like it when they make up your room and rearrange all your toiletries!

I'm the kind of person who likes things to start on time. I don't like thinking something will start at 7, arriving on time, then having to wait 15, 20 minutes for others before getting underway! This is a challenge when I'm traveling and in a culture that doesn't operate this way. I struggle because I'm impatient and typically have other things that I want to get done!!

I like to be organised, to know what to expect, and what is going to happen. Of course I also like to be flexible, allow things to flow, and not be locked into a rigid schedule. Conflicted? I am also generally comfortable with ambiguity provided there is a general direction and structure.

Recently a work situation has probably had someone thinking that I'm an organisation freak needing to know everything beforehand. Later this week I will undoubtedly switch to the flexible view on each day with the timetable appearing to be optional.

I am a complex anomalous just like the rest of humanity!

Leadership often feels like constantly dragging this forward. You can see where you need to be and people around you understand but can't make their own way there. So you spend your time helping them learn what they need to know to move. Great leaders manage this in a way that leaves the people they've been dragging forward with the skills and confidence to do this by themselves next time.

Parenthood is a twenty year experiment! Billions of people have done it before is but we all embark on it with our own ideas. Personally I think the key is consistenty and representativeness. But I guess I will find out how will we've done in 2030. What I hope is that my 3 sons are generous, men of integrity, gracious and Godly so they succeed in a way that transcends their lives. I hope that my sons impact their world in a way that is exponentially greater than I have.

We all have a responsibility to each other. Some do this without expecting a return. What if we demanded from ourselves what we expect from others?

I'm not certain that we should pursue the desires of our hearts. These desires aren't always healthy and the change as we grow. Desires as are kids are somewhat immature whereas teenage desires have are far more selfish focus (generalizations of course). Overtime our desires move and change often revealing how unhelpful and potentially destructive they were.

How we phrase things communicated do much. "What did you want?" signals we weren't listening and is frustrating when you have to repeat yourself. Personally it communicates that I didn't really listen despite asking a worriesq. Prefacing it with, "I'm sorry," makes it marginally better, but still frustrating .Something as simple as, "sorry, I didn't catch that" leaves me happy to repeat myself.

The difficultly of parenting is that mostly we're learning in the job. Then it gets complicated because your kids live in a different world to what we grew up in. If that doesn't make it challenging enough when you have more than one coldc they are going to be different, have different strengths and weaknesses, and respond to you differently. That means you constantly have to deal with consistency issues between kids.