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Winning is fun, sure, but winning is not the point. Not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point.
-Pat Summit

Why are so many books still not available electronically? What possible reason exists for them not to be digitized and made available on eReaders?

Words are empty unless accompanied by action. Telling someone you value them is meaningless rhetoric unless you demonstrate it with your actions.

Is it odd that I don't like being called? My preference is to arrange a call so I have time to prepare and I wonder if this is more mental approach to work spilling into non-work life...

Why are we so reluctant to praise people when they've done something well?

I don't handle stupidity very well.

I hope I don't settle for who I am, or what I'm capable of. Rather I want to continually grow in every possible way.

People in roles is not a leadership strategy, you need vision, direction and outcomes.

It seems that many people live their lives caught up in the currents of the day. We do what others do, we don't think about tomorrow, we don't live the life that is possible for us.

Despite not being able to travel for work, it seems that I'm busier than ever with the family and personal events.