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It is interesting realising just how complicated life and humans are. I'm only really discovering this as I record a podcast for my 3 sons, called, My 3 Sons! We are emotional, complex, and irrational, yet that is also considered normal! The other surprising aspect of the podcast is that I've picked up a few listeners without really publicising it! I suppose this could be considered publicising it, but I have this simply to get things out of my head! I know I could do something more private, but I'm a techy-gadgety-geeky kind of person (as well as emotional and irrational)!

I'm up to episode 6 with my fake counting because I did an episode 0 to explain myself (yes I know I named episode 5 incorrectly, that was because I fooled my counting with that episode 0)! Listen to "ep06, Lies I Believed" by My 3 Sons ⚓