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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

It is unusual for that every area of my life feels to be 'down' at the same time. Looks like a perfect storm currently ... Hopefully something turns soon.

Living a balanced life means being organised and making time to get away. The challenge of this is you have to squeeze every minute of every day really hard and be prepared to be tired .

It is surprising to me how many people I observe slowly typing on their smartphone with just one finger. They don't even bither using two!

Hotels should have hallways that allow suitcases to roll quietly rather than noisily echoing through the entire place! 5am wake-up calls are a necessity of you have an early flight but annoying when you don't!

Increasingly I can't do everything from my phone. Well, I can, it is just I need my reading glasses 😳This is especially true when traveling and jet lagged. In fact I found myself using them for an extended period yesterday which is very unusual. Hopefully it is jet lag and not old age 🤣

It puzzles me how hotels will create lovely spaces, beautiful bathrooms and tidy rooms but not provide some of the necessities. Rooms should have a clean flow with space for a suitcase and other bags you're traveling with. Bathrooms should have a shelf for your toiletries. These seem like simple requirements to me and am frustrated when a bathroom is beautiful but has no space to put my few toiletries. Equally confusing is lack of space to place your suitcase and leave have a few of your items out and easily accessible.

My hope for my sons in that they will be respectful and inclusive of others. Personally this has meant letting others influence ne and trying to learn from others experiences and mistakes. Listen to this episode of my podcast, My 3 Sons, ep11, Have Someone

We all need positive feedback and reassurance were doing things will. Or perhaps what I think is I need that so assume everybody does.

The problem with parenting is it has to be a very responsive and reactive thing. All the plans and ideas you go into it with can't always work out depending on the personality and temperament if your kids. Both of these elements are nature and nurture can merely soften the negative impact or enhancen the positive .