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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

We collect ds many objects in life and hold them as status symbols when we mostly judge others by their character.

Life is a bunch of moments where we fumble with words to speak, emotions to feel, and actions to take. Even if we get good at it people respond differently.

Occasionally I'm stunned at how people can be so dishonest with little matters and they end up being enormous challenges. We see an opportunity to gain something for ourselves and take it. When confronted we fumble with some half-baked answer. Trust is relatively easy to build but easier to erode and once give much more difficult to re-establish.

I tend to change devices fairly regularly partially because of my job but also because I like trying new things. Interestingly I've largely landed on some devices that I don't want to swap oro! There are some coming, but at the moment I've got no device on looking to try.

Feelings are real but they aren't always right.

Self awareness and following are skills that require conscious effort and plenty of reflection. They are key to success in life (unless you want to be home alone your entire life)!!

It is easy to see how people get into trouble. They observe others bending rules and taking advantage for personal gain . Then they see them get away with it over, and over, and over again. Eventually they feel they deserve at least a little of the same.

It seems to me we tend to do what we always did and rarely reflect on whether there is a better approach we could be taking. I suppose if we're happy with what we have then this isn't a bad thing, but I am off the view better never stops, not for me or my work.

Emotional awareness is perhaps the most little spoken of trait we need in leaders. They must respond to the tone of the team otherwise the team will not respond to them. Of course, without compassion emotional awareness is probably worthless!

It is surprising the things that can really hurt us and how long would we take to heal. I have yet to meet someone who has not been hurt and who is immune to being hurt. I guess that hurt goes with living life, ambition, and love.