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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

Some days parenting is hard! There doesn't seem to be any reason or action you can take to put things in a better now positive space.

Some days parenting is easy. But then some days marriage is easy, work is easy, and living is easy too. As puzzling as the difficult days are, reflecting on the easy days doesn't provide answers either.

Love doesn't say you were wrong. It says let me walk with you in this moment.

Sometimes we are the problem that is preventing progress. We don't see it because we are immersed in the challenges and problems. At times like this it is vital we have good people around us who will speak the truth kindly to us. We then need to be honest enough with ourselves to reflect and consider a different perspective. Little is lost in changing direction, in fact in the long term it brings us closer to our goals and ensures we live more in line with our values and beliefs.

Human history is horrific, dominated by exploitation, manipulation, greed, destruction, and self-serving maniacal behavior. It continues today despite the alternative Jesus modeled. Christianity doesn't do a great job following this and the world dismissed Jesus as an alternative option because of the example Christians give.

Three times this week I've had interactions with people who were in the same room as me, heard the same words as me, but walked away with a drastically different message. It makes me worry if I'm getting it wrong but going to the horse's mouth and clarifying what I heard with my understanding proved right. Reflect back, and question what you think you heard to be certain you have it right. It will save a lot of angst.

We hear what we want to hear when others are taking to us.

It is amazing that I can have dinner in Wellington, NZ one day then lunch in London, UK the next!

I regularly wonder how people interpret what I say and how I act. While I know what I mean and what my intentions are, often it is obvious people misinterpret what I'm meaning to portray.

Others seem oblivious to his they're portraying themselves or simply don't care. I suppose I might be misinterpreting how they're acting and taking....

"You speak in signs and wonders, but I need something other, I would believe if I was able, but I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table" U2. God I hope I don't "deny for others what I demand for myself" U2.