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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

If you're a leader you are responsible for the people it are leading. That not only means you need to use their strengths and skills, but you must also be developing them. Furthermore you need to care for them to ensure they're safe and well. This means looking out for them and understanding they don't see things the way you do, they don't know what you know, they have other pressures, challenges and worries you know nothing of. As a leader you are responsible for being the grown up and putting them first, for caring for them ahead of your wants and needs.

Why are so many so winning to simply accept the way things are and not consider alternatives? Are we simply running on autopilot? Or is it that we don't consider of there is a better way for us to achieve? As cliche as it is, you always get what you always got when you always do what you've always done. Maybe others are happy in areas I'm restless, but let's not drift through life, instead let's actively pursue meaning and rhythm that sits in the groove of the living we want.

Change and progress is often very simple. What makes it slow, painful, and fraught with problems is the attitude of those involved.

I get frustrated when someone says "I can't" because mostly I believe we can.

Life is constantly changing and it is often only when reflecting that you realise the good moments. So take time to remember that good and know more is coming.

Doing the right thing isn't easy, but neither is winning an Olympic Gold medal.

I wonder if life as we knew it will ever return. Could it be we're creating a new normal with less travel and more barriers between countries?

Why do so many places have you complete an online form to get an appointment then when you turn up give you a piece of paper to write the same information on?

Leadership is a verb not a title and requires ongoing action. The status quo is about management which isn't leadership but is a title.

When you're young every experience is new and intense. No wonder emotions are so difficult to deal with.