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ranting & raving about stuff that gets me on my high horse or rips my nightie with more than a question or two thrown in because I don't understand the world around me

Many adults quite obviously carry baggage from their childhood that inhibit living life well. As a parent I wonder what my kids will carry into adulthood. Hopefully they are unencumbered by whatever luggage I surround myself with and are able to live lightly and fully.

We seem to have a tendency to convince ourselves we need things that we don't (apart from coffee)!

I'm sure it is a record, just not a great one! In 4 weeks I'll have only spent 2 nights in my own bed 😲 Thankfully I haven't been away from N and the boys that entire time!

If I'm honest there are only a few people that I let influence me and that I find inspiring, is one of those people (spoiler alert, it has a happy ending)!.

It surprises me how many people do what I consider private things (phone calls) in public places. Not only are they bellowing out sometimes rather personal information, but often they're on loud speaker so I get to hear both sides of the story!

I love how some people refer to themselves as specialists. Typically it means that they've got lots of knowledge or ideas about a certain topic. It doesn't necessarily mean they're any kind of expert!

Admittedly it is a generalisation, but why do so many assume they're right and remain closed to anything other than there current understanding?

Of all the airlines I've traveled with, Air New Zealand is by far the best in my opinion. Perhaps it is what I'm used to (I travel with them whenever possible), or maybe it is patriotism. It could even be that their service suits my preferences and/or personality. Whatever it is, I prefer them over everything other airlines I've used, particularly Delta that I'm waiting to board (I'll concede that my view of Delta is overshadowed by American airport processes which are significantly different to New Zealand ones)!

When similarly intelligent and knowledgeable people come together, why are some so hesitant and uncertain when others are so forthright and confident?

Nostalgia exerts an inordinate amount of influence on the decisions we make. Whenever I visit America I love going to Denny's. It isn't great, but I enjoy going because we frequented the place when on a family trip when I was 12! Chipotle on the other hand, is an adult addiction I discovered through podcasts ...