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What an introduction to London! We've already seen Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Oxford and Regent Street courtesy of a bus journey. The highlight for M and J was undoubtedly Hamley's that it seemed even E enjoyed. Being back with the family makes it even more startling just how different London is to Lower Hutt.

In what may be genius planning they only have 3 days before heading to Amsterdam. They are really being submerged in travel and the incredible differences of each country. So far they are keen to explore and handling the excessive tiredness and jet lag amazingly well. The good news is we're now largely settled in a fairly stable timezone so the sleeping will improve.

It is novel for me to leave them today and travel to Amsterdam for work. While travelling is normal, it has been more than a year since a trip has taken me away while remaining so close. It is also different because they will join me in 2 days time. Such a short trip and for them to follow is an exciting end to some days working.

Rising at 5:30am to be ready for a 6am airport was tough and it was the first morning we've had to wake the boys. After check in we sorted breakfast then boarded the first flight. 3.5 hours from Hong Kong to Beijing was easy for everyone. In Beijing we headed to a lounge and ate some food before boarding flight number 2.

The 11.5 hours through to Heathrow was long and uncomfortable. Noodles or rice were the meal options (Air China) and nobody ate much. Mercifully customs was very quick and our luggage was pretty much waiting for us so we jumped into an Uber to avoid a long train journey with a couple of changes. 90 minutes later we pulled into Denmark Hill and headed to the room. The access card didn't work but we were let into the room while that was sorted.

MJ had an upset stomach that meant he vomited shortly after landing and twice in the Uber. So the longest day of the Little OE was most unpleasant for him. Now, I've been awake since 4am with the younger 2. Looks like we have another long day ahead of us...

Hong Kong has been a jolting experience. All 3 boys have never experienced crowds like here, markets like here, building density like here, neon lights like here or the assault on your senses many of the food stalls offer. They seem to have enjoyed every moment though and have happily walked everywhere (15+km both days). Yesterday we ate at 2 different Chinese restaurants and they all tried the different foods, E and J were into everything while M was a little more restrained but far more adventurous than I ever was! The markets have been a highlight and they've all purchased gadgets or knock-off goods. Today we finish up in HK and prepare for an early departure to the airport, 2 flights, and 14+ hours travel to London.

And so we are in Hong Kong and awaiting the transfer to our Airbnb. The flight was long but all boys managed to get some sleep. Next stop a rest before heading out into the city and exploring 👌🏼

I love the progression of this tune, it is a quintessentially beautiful song me.

Almost 2 years after riding the Forgotten World Highway, I made some time to edit the video. Much of the audio was unusable due to wind noise. Some bits are a little shaky, but I feel like I captured the isolation of that part of New Zealand.

A little bit of work goes a lot further than a whole lot of talent.

There are people who make everything difficult sapping energy, morale, and progress. Then there are people who engage positively with constructive input spurring everyone on to achieve more. It is a fine line between the two and often it may simply be perception. Either way it is a fine line that must be treated cautiously.

It is unusual for that every area of my life feels to be 'down' at the same time. Looks like a perfect storm currently ... Hopefully something turns soon.

Living a balanced life means being organised and making time to get away. The challenge of this is you have to squeeze every minute of every day really hard and be prepared to be tired .