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The Most Important Job in the World

2 min read

As I look around it is becoming more and more apparent that I have the most important job in the world. Actually N and I share the most important job in the world. But don't think I'm getting all high and mighty about myself and what I do, it is just that parenting kids is the most important job in the world.

The continued existence of humanity depends on it. Peaceful and equitable societies depend on it. The only way they will be realised is through parents doing a half decent job!

Of course there are others who do something equally important. The cure diseases, solve hunger & water polution, make it possible for societies to operate without the need for so much unnecessary death and suffering. They're doing a good job, but not all of us can do that.

Me? I'm here trying to save the world. First by maintaining the population so humanity continues beyond my generation. Okay I've actually increased the number of humans by 1 over N & myself by having 3 kids. But then I'm hopeful that these 3 will eventually become useful contributors to an equitable society that values and embraces all humanity ensuring that everyone has access to live an adventurous and exciting life (like we are).

So cut me some slack next time you see me, between N & I we're trying to save the world! 


2 min read

I don't really like routines, doing the same thing in the same way day after day (or week after week) bores me. Of course there is an enormous element of irony in this statement because I love riding my bike and end up on the same tracks regularly. However on the whole I don't like having to do the same thing, at the same time, in the same way.

Maybe that is what sets cycling (and other things I enjoy) apart from the boredom of routine. It isn't always the same time, or the same place, and I definitely have different energy levels each time. Some things are just the same old thing, done the same way, at the same time. Those things I find sap energy and motivation from me.

One routine I have that pretty much happens the exact same every day is my morning coffee. This doesn't ever grow old or suck the life from me. Rather it sets me up for the day and helps clear my mind. All this even though it is pretty much the first thing I do after having arrived at work, and I go to the same place, with the same cup, and order the same drink (98% of the time), and return to work cradling it in my hands. I'm a complex irrational being! 

3 Parenting Tips

2 min read

These weren't tips that were given in the context of parenting, but they are so true of parenting I thought I'd write them down.  The challenge of parenting, the reason it is so hard is:

  1. Blocked Perspective - We can't see the end goal (well balanced, generous, thoughtful adults). We get bogged down in the clothes all over the floor, homework not done, poor behaviour that our focus is on what is happening now and not what the end goal is. Parenting is a long game! 
  2. Progress isn't Obvious - Often we don't stop and reflect so we almost never realise how much progress we (and our kids) are making. We see it clearly in others, particularly ones we only see from time to time (neices, nephews, etc). Again when we're living it all day everyday we don't notice the movement of kids towards maturity and well-adjusted adulthood.
  3. Open Ended Process - There is no aparent end! We say the same things over and over, day after day and don't know when it will end. Not only do we not see any progress, we don't see the finish line. 

They're great tips for parents and I intend internalising them a little more. Of course for any success to be made with parenting (and most things in life) you need a clear picture of the outcome you're aiming at. Generous, thoughtful, and inclusive adults are what I'm hoping to unleash on the world (with unique characters that embrace the incredible journey of life)!

Kids and Tech

1 min read

I heard a great analogy last night for kids and internet access. Essentially the comparison was between the city and the internet. The message was that you wouldn't let you kids loose in town. You would let them see some places, and keep them away from (many) other places. 

Of course in a city it is relatively easily to manage where your kids are. It is a big place that isn't easily navigated without help. The internet? There you can go anywhere, easily, and it doesn't have the same kind of boundaries a physical city does. 

So what do you do? Ban they internet? Sit on their shoulder? Honestly I don't know, but we do limit internet access. Time is rationed and our connection is filtered (OpenDNS) and resorts can be produced.

Of course education is the critical component. I want my kids to be aware of the risks and danger so they can use the internet effectively. I guess it is like a motorbike, extraordinarily effective for transportation  but rather dangerous because of others.


1 min read

After listening to This Week in Google (as has been my habit over the past 3 or 4 years) I heard about withknown so decided to give it a go. The main motivation for this is having all the stuff I publish in a single place. It will also let me post to Twitter and/or Facebook (among other sites) but keep a single place where all my out bursts can live.