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Life Lessons From a 7-Thousand-Mile Bike Ride | Short Film Showcase - YouTube

Routine is the enemy of life! Well that is my takeaway from this video. Sekk out what is new and don't find yourself wondering at 80 years old how life passed by so quickly. 

MJ flying high - YouTube

Just a morning out with 2 boys 😀


Often progress is disruptive and unwanted. But mostly we simply don't understand it which makes it difficult to deal with. Headphones seem to matter to people because they are a message if connecting to their audio (music, podcasts, etc). 

Changing a port seems relatively simple, but it's obviously fraught with complexity. I guess it is you and I who will pay as we struggle to comprehend why old headphones don't work, and new ones are either costly or sound rubbish. Of course it is possible that a Chinese manufacturer will make something decent at a low price that lures us away from our parochial blind loyalty to some brands. 

Tyson Fury has the fists of a champion but the mouth of moron!

If that was an accurate depiction of Christianity then I wouldn't want to be associated with it! Also if you judge it by the people Jesus hung out with and the way he treated them then I'm not sure he (Jesus) would think it was an accurate picture either. 

Kiwi Randonneurs | Long Distance Cycling in New Zealand

This looks like fun and perhpas will be my next format of racing.

Kill Capitilism

Perhaps that isn't the title of the podcast or even the sentiment of the content. However I'm not a big fan of capitalism, it seems unfair and usually results in groups of people being excluded or exploited. 

The Guardian Weekly Tech podcast discusses a book that predicts the end of capitalism and how technology can and is influencing this. If nothing else it is interesting because of how relevant it is given recent events in Greece.  

The Martian

I had this book recommended to by a friend and it has been years since I read any fiction. At under $8 on the Kindle I figured I didn't have anything to lose except a couple of hours. If you like fast moving, action packed books then this is for you. The big difference is that it explains the science in a lot of what is taking place and takes MacGyver out of an 80's TV show and puts him on Mars with a sense of humour. Well worth reading.