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Rome is a flurry of walking, trains, and really (really) old things. We stumbled upon a free tour of a church that told us how the Colosseum was being dismantled brick by brick for new buildings and monuments before a priest stopped it. Then from a garden behind the church we had an elevated view which was spectacular.

Venice was a long day but stunning as we struggled to navigate the narrow and winding streets. Google maps was helpful but the tightness and height of the buildings prevented GPS from being accurate and we often found ourselves at a deadend. The age of the place is stunning considering many buildings here (Italy) are older than NZ as a we know it!

Today we are on a train to Pompeii and expecting more walking. The boys continue to fluctuate between excitement/wonder and tired discontent. They miss the space of home and the routine our live typically has (even when on holiday). When we leave Rome we will have just 3 weeks left on this little OE which is typically the longest time we would be away from home on holiday!