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Rising at 5:30am to be ready for a 6am airport was tough and it was the first morning we've had to wake the boys. After check in we sorted breakfast then boarded the first flight. 3.5 hours from Hong Kong to Beijing was easy for everyone. In Beijing we headed to a lounge and ate some food before boarding flight number 2.

The 11.5 hours through to Heathrow was long and uncomfortable. Noodles or rice were the meal options (Air China) and nobody ate much. Mercifully customs was very quick and our luggage was pretty much waiting for us so we jumped into an Uber to avoid a long train journey with a couple of changes. 90 minutes later we pulled into Denmark Hill and headed to the room. The access card didn't work but we were let into the room while that was sorted.

MJ had an upset stomach that meant he vomited shortly after landing and twice in the Uber. So the longest day of the Little OE was most unpleasant for him. Now, I've been awake since 4am with the younger 2. Looks like we have another long day ahead of us...